Introduce playlist feature

  • We have introduced a new feature called "Playlist" where users can create their own playlist to better organize their favourite videos.
  • Users can add videos to their playlists by clicking the "Save to playlists" button on the video page.
  • Users can access their playlists by clicking the "Playlists" button on the user menu.
  • Users can create multiple playlists and manage them easily.


Stop selling uncensored videos

  • Due to some scumbags trying to leak our priceless uncensored videos, we decided to stop selling those videos to new users.
  • Old valued users can still buy the uncensored videos by contacting us via email.


Introducing new feature: model request

  • We just released a new feature: model request - it allows you to request a model that is not yet available on the platform.
  • You can request a model by clicking on the "Request model" under the user menu.
  • This feature is only available for standard/premium users.
  • The default quota for each user is described in upgrade membership page.
  • If you run out of quota, it will cost you 10 credits to request every model.
  • We will handle the request as soon as possible. It usually takes 1-2 days to process the request.
  • If the request is approved or rejected, you will receive a notification via your email.
  • If the request is rejected, your quota will be refunded and you can request another model.


Buying recent BJ missedyou/162cm uncensored videos from her previous events

Dear KBJFree users,

  • We want to buy recent BJ missedyou/162cm uncensored videos from her previous events with high price, not old videos widely distributed on the internet.
  • We are not looking for her old uncensored videos.
  • If you have any, please contact us at [email protected].
  • We will give you a good offer, sell us now to get back the money that you paid for those videos.

Thank you so much!


Selling uncensored BJ Eseoa bundle (29 videos)

  • Rare bundle including 29 videos of BJ Eseoa.
  • Pussy is completely exposed.
  • The video includes masturbating, squirt with dildo and cucumber scenes.
  • Please refer to uncensored page to buy.


Eseoa Demo 1 Eseoa Demo 2 Eseoa Demo 3


Important news that affects server 2 of all videos

  • Recently, we received a news that StreamSB (Server 2 for free videos) will be shutting down their service on 2023-07-30.
  • This means that all videos that are hosted on StreamSB will be inaccessible from 2023-07-30.
  • This affects only StreamSB server (Server 2).
  • Videos on other servers are not affected.
  • However, almost download links for videos published before 28-06-2023 were broken. Download links now only work stable for videos published after 28-06-2023.


Introduce new credit system for purchasing membership and uncensored items

  • We introduce new credit system that is available from now.
  • Every account now has a credit balance.
  • Credit can be used to buy membership (upgrade page) and uncensored items.
  • You can buy credit with crypto, alipay, credit card by clicking buy credit button under your user menu (screenshot below).
  • Conversion rate is 1 USD = 1 credit.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about the new credit system.

Buy Credit Demo Buy Credit Demo 2


Selling super hot BJ Kiss (kiss12/pan24680) videos

  • BJ Kiss is kiss12 on flextv and pan24680 on pandatv.
  • Limited BJ Kiss videos.
  • Pussy is completely exposed.
  • The video includes masturbating, squirt with sextoy scenes.
  • Please refer to uncensored page to buy.

Black SVIP 1

Black SVIP 1

Black SVIP 2

Black SVIP 2

Black SVIP 3

Black SVIP 3

Black SVIP 4

Black SVIP 4

Black SVIP 5

Black SVIP 5


Introducing new membership type

  • We introduce a new membership type called standard.
  • Standard membership can be purchased monthly.
  • All free videos that are published from today will get dedicated streaming server (fast video loading, no ads)
  • Dedicated streaming server is only available to premium user and standard user
  • Premium user and standard user are now get completely ad-free experience (even no ads on free videos).
  • Premium membership is now $100 per year (no monthly) due to the new dedicated streaming server for free videos increases the cost to run the website significantly.
  • To optimize the cost, all inactive free videos will be removed after 90 days (please make sure download your favourite videos to keep it forever).
  • Please note that standard user cannot access premium videos.


Selling super hot BJ raindrop videos

  • Limited BJ raindrop videos.
  • Pussy is completely exposed.
  • The video includes masturbating, fingering, squirt scenes.
  • Please refer to uncensored page to buy.



June Black SVIP 1

Black SVIP 1.1 Black SVIP 1.2

June Black SVIP 2

Black SVIP 2.1 Black SVIP 2.2


Introducing changelog page

  • We introduced changelog page to keep you updated with our latest changes and announcements.


Introducing alternative domains

  • Alternative domains are now available for users in some countries being blocked from accessing the domain kbjfree.com.
  • Click Our Network tab in the top navigation and bookmark it to keep updated with newest domains.